Saturday, September 22, 2007

How Much Honey?

Customers ask me, friends ask me and even strangers who meet me ask me, "How much honey do you actually eat?" How can I possibly answer such a question with a straight face? If anyone has visited Red Bee Cottage, they know that there is honey everywhere. Honey in the kitchen, honey in the basement and honey in the honey room. At this time of the year when we are bottling up our fall honey harvest there seems to be honey dripping on every surface (including the floor) and it's difficult not to be tempted into licking your fingers. Nature's goodness all around here and even the dog seems to like the drippings.

My favorite answer is, "I eat honey all day long", which is not far from the truth. Honestly, I do eat honey every single day and first I start out each morning with a spoonful of honey in my cup of espresso and a spoonful of honeycomb each morning for my sinuses, because it works. Then its off to work, bottling all that Red Bee Honey, So if you count all the finger licking after breakfast then my answer is the truth, "All day long".

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