Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Honey Holidays

The Holidays are Coming! and we are getting lots of request from our cheese shop customers for honey, especially our delicious honeycomb. It seems the world has caught on that Red Bee® Honey pairs well with cheeses and wine. Could it be that honey has finally earned a reputation as a gourmet worthy artisanal food? It's always been that way in Europe.
I have presented many Honey Tasting events in store but now it has taken a life of its own. The shop owners are crazy for Red Bee® honey and we're overjoyed.

So for those of you who have entertaining plans for the holidays and plan to include cheese and wine, try a little honey to perk things up. We suggest featuring honeycomb as the centerpiece of your next cheese platter. We prepared our own platter with a chunk of fresh honeycomb in the center. We garnished it with fresh pears, brie cheese, sliced almonds, grapes and water crackers but you could be more creative and add your decadent combinations, how does figs and honey sound? There is no way you could go wrong. Your guest will be thrilled to try cheese with honey not to mention great dinner conversation.

For more cheese, wine and honey pairings, visit our recipes pages.

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