Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bees Wax Encaustic Art at White Silo Winery

Kismet is another word for fate. It is derived from the Arabic term qisma, modified in Persian as qismat and then from Turkish, it came into English usage. We all know that moment when two different things in our daily lives that seems random meet up and harmonize together. I found kismet when my illustration style met up with a new found media called encaustic painting.

I was unexpectedly drawn to encaustic painting 8 years ago when I first became a beekeeper; this highly provocative medium has its rich roots in the ancestral land of my forefathers, Italy, specifically the paintings at Pompeii. Encaustic, meaning “burned in” is beeswax, a natural wax produced by honeybees mixed with pigments that is melted on a heated palette. It is applied to a surface to fuse the bees wax and paint together. Bees wax has an illustrious history from the paintings in the cave at Lascaux to the Egyptian mummies, it was so valuable in ancient Rome that it was an acceptable form of payment for taxes.

The beauty of encaustics is the unpredictability and flexibility that gives the artist its own voice. To me, there is nothing more seductive than the smell of pure bees wax melting in my studio or in the bee yard. Encaustic painting lends itself to my whimsical sense of color, texture and pattern that were my signature as a commercial illustrator. The works seen here are my personal attempt to translate my illustration style into unrestraint and freedom from art direction and manic deadlines.

June 20th - July 6th, 2008
Exhibition of Encaustic Art at The White Silo Winery

32 Rt. 37 East, Sherman, CT 06784
Tel: 860.355.0271

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