Monday, May 19, 2008

Far East Designer Honey

Before you spend a Yen on cosmetic surgery you should know about designer honey for all your beauty needs. On my recent trip to the fashionable Harajuku shopping district of Japan, I came across a new product called Hacci Honey 1912. The booth looked like your typical cosmetic counter in a shopping mall anywhere, USA. There I found elegant bottles of honey for eating as well a cosmetic uses. Honey has a rich history as a beauty treatment and Cleopatra was said to take baths in milk and honey. This designer style Hacci Honey was presented in tasteful hex jars, eye dropper bottles and even a sophisticated silk scarf a la Hermes with the Hacci Honey 1912 logo. The 1912 is definitely was a western touch with an attempt to give provenance to this unique Japanese product.

As I browsed the wares, the sales girls offered me a chance to taste or wear their honey. I politely refused the opportunity to have a sticky face in public but enjoyed a sample taste of something called Grand Bloom Honey. It was sampled to me with a lovely, spoon and I found it delicious. Pricing of these honey items were outrageous and one small bottle of honey was $35.00 USD but I had to have one for the packaging alone. The Japanese are so far ahead in their design sensibilities and price is no object when creating new products. Reminding me of Italian conviction for design. Hacci Honey is truly an original and I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up on Fifth avenue in New York City.

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