Thursday, October 22, 2009

HONEYBEE Book Tour Begins

Oh my, it's already here! Time to leave for the west coast leg of my "HONEYBEE Lessons from an Accidental Beekeeper" tour. Tomorrow, Friday morning I will be up before the sun rises and flying off to San Francisco. Next Portland, Seattle then another engagement in SF then to Tuscon and finally Texas! These are all places I confess I have never been to. Well, I am lying-I did go to SF for a week with my parents. I don't remember a thing back then. Lucky for me, Facebook has helped me reach out to old friends I would never had been able to find otherwise and meet up in each one of these cities. This is truly a twenty first century luxury that will make my travels much more exciting and definitely memorable.

If you would like to follow my schedule visit the events page on my web site at or friend me on Facebook at Red Bee Marina. There will be a few live radio interviews posted. This way we can keep in touch! Hope to see you there! Marina

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